About Us

Gema Puspa Nusantara (GPN) is a group of mainly Indonesian students currently attending Austrian schools or universities in Vienna and also families of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. Its main goal and mission is to promote and to introduce the Indonesian culture to the people abroad. A goal that has been successfully achieved since its founding in mid-2001 as its members have now expanded to Austrian students, who are interested to know more of the vibrant culture of Indonesia.

It has also become a goal for the members of the group, who were born and raised or who have lived most of their lives out of the country, to restore and to live up to the culture of their home. GPN is supported from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia as its main sponsor and has performed in various events all over Austria and its neighbouring countries, such as Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovak and Hungary, all of which were successful performances leaving the audience amazed.